About Dollaruj

Dollaruj aka FreshGang is a Cameroonian based song writer and an actor born on 17,1984. He grew up as a performer dancing and acting on stage. He performed on several shows like Delire in Cameroon as a teenager displaying his love for entertainment and zeal to become an entertainer. Dollaruj started writing music while still in secondary school and join the music group Dollar Negrees which he performed alongside Group members in several occasions.


Education being what makes a successful rich entertainer, Dollaruj decided to embark on educting himself in order to understand entertainment, alongside studying computer engineering, he studied Music alongside. This took him to several countries on the Globe like UAE, Kenya, Greece and USA.



During all this time, the music passion was burning inside him and he continued to write, produce and compose his songs believing that one day he will join the music industry.


Dollaruj decided in 2019 to make music a full time professional and released his first single “I like it” followed by “Skibo”.

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