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About Dollaruj

Dollaruj was born on August 17, to His late-parents; Nsaidzedze Innocent and Boma Mary Fonyuy in Jakiri Cameroon. His late mother was a pharmacist. Dollaruj attended his High school in Government Technical College Bamenda. He studied computer engineering at the University of Sharjah (UAE).

At the age of 20, while still in Cameroon, he joined Dollar-Negress music group that performed within the country, until year 2009. He left the music group in pursuit of his computer career that enabled him to travel between countries among them, Nigeria, Kenya, Lebanon, UAE and Ethiopia just to mention but few. He worked at United Arab Emirates StarTech Airport Free Zone Company in 2013.

During all this time; The music passion was burning inside him and he continued to write, produce and compose his songs, believing that one-day he will join the music Industry.

Dollaruj Relocated and settled in Atlanta Georgia Unites States. In the year 2020 he finally decided to release some of this inspiration songs


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